New & Improved Recycling for Cambridge

May 26, 2010

One of my pet peeves w/ Cambridge’s recycling program has always been the need to put all paper waste into paper bags before you put it in the bin on the curb. I’ve had to actually forgo using my reusable bags every couple trips to Trader Joe’s, just so I could get some of their paper bags so that I could recycle my other paper — ridiculous! But no more…

Beginning September 20, Cambridge is instituting “Single Stream” recycling — in short, no more sorting — hooray! Now we can just chuck all recyclables together in one of the handy new wheeled bins they’ll be delivering to residents in the weeks before the new program. Even better, we can now recycle several things we couldn’t before, like pizza boxes, old plastic things like laundry baskets and more. Visit the City’s Public Works website for full details.


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