Don’t Fear the Tax Man — Cambridge Taxes are Low!

June 23, 2011

Last week an agent–whose identity shall be protected here–was trying to sell his Somerville condo by telling my buyer clients how much lower their taxes would be there than in Cambridge.


Since when?

It is a *F*A*C*T* that Cambridge’s property taxes are the lowest of any city in Massachusetts, thanks to MIT, our #1 tax payer, and all the businesses in Kendall Square, who HUGELY subsidize taxes for all of us residents. Here’s how that plays out in the real world…

Here’s what you’d pay in 2011 taxes on a $500,000 home (rounded to the nearest dollar, including any available residential exemptions) in:

  • Arlington — $6,205
  • Belmont — $6,620
  • Boston — $4,800
  • Brookline — $3,813
  • Cambridge — $2,479
  • Medford — $5,805
  • Somerville — $4,617
  • Watertown — $5,874

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