Want to know how the Green Line Extension will impact Somerville? Here’s the Boston Globe’s take…

And note that I have a couple very nice condos available at 44 Radcliffe Road — right up the street from the future site of the Gilman Square Station! :)

Green Line Extension Map


Being a member of the City’s East Cambridge/Kendall Open Spaces Planning Team (ECKOS for short), allows me to stay on top of things that are going on in this part of town — and there is A LOT going on! Check out this map documenting road improvements, work on parks, and various construction projects happening now…

Kendall Square Projects

Soooo many great technologies come out of our city that it’s hard to keep up. But today, I am very happy to share an amazing new email app for iPad created by my awesome boyfriend, Jim Caralis, and his co-founders at Cannonball.

If you’ve got an iPad and a Gmail account, Cannonball will give your inbox a makeover that is both visually appealing and also more manageable — it basically pulls all of your subscription-based messages (newsletters, daily deals, etc.) into an image-based sidebar on the right, freeing up the left-hand side of the screen for your more important mail, like this:

cannonball mail

The column sorting is automatic, but also customizable, so you get to choose where your messages land. And a really great feature is that all those “fluffy” messages on the right arrive already marked as read, so you’re not overwhelmed with a bazillion unread messages.

There are all kinds of other great features that you’ll discover once you start using Cannonall, which I highly recommend, and so do lots of others — it’s getting 5-star reviews in the app store and by the media — check out Mashable and TechCrunch coverage, for example.

Sold? If so, download Cannonball eMail for iPad (and please write a great review!)


Congratulations to the whole Cannonball team — Jim Caralis, Raffaele Colella, Thibault Le Conte, Andrew Lai & Amy Wicks!

Why You Love Somerville

October 7, 2013

The Somerville Beat — my favorite source for all-things-Somerville — recently asked readers to give their reasons for loving Somerville. Answers included Fluff Fest (as one reader pointed out, “…we’ll throw a festival for pretty much anything. We love to celebrate!”), the Somerville Theater, Olde Magoun’s Saloon, local brews Pretty Things and Slumbrew and residents’ involvement in the community. Here’s a sampling:

“On a cold winter morning when I bundle up and bike to the Armory for the farmer’s market, listen to a bluegrass band or perhaps a brass band that covers pop songs. I run into 6 people I know, buy a cider doughnut and try some Taza chocolate, and learn about the Somerville events coming up over the next month.” — Shoshana

“There are so many hidden green spaces that are tucked away–small parks, gardens. It’s always nice to stumble upon one. And Union Square has so many different food options within a block! Mexican, Italian, tapas, Peruvian … Best little neighborhood. I went to the Farmer’s Market the other weekend and was introduced to Relish by way of a little sign. It was awesome.” — Katie

“Most of all, I love being a citizen here in Somerville. I’ve come to truly embrace what that word means–being an active, engaged participant in the decision-making about my community–through living here, and I am thankful for many wonderful public officials and civil servants who facilitate and welcome my participation. I don’t always agree with them or with my fellow citizens about what should be done in the city, but I always feel that there is room for input and lively debate, and I feel honored to contribute to shaping the future of this wonderful place.” — Brandy

Read more things to love about The ‘Ville on The Somerville Beat…


ID that tree!

September 11, 2013

This is one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a while — Cambridge’s DPW has created a tree map that identifies all the public trees around town — so if you’ve ever wondered what that beautiful tree is on the corner of your street, you can now find out!

Cambridge tree map

This site was featured on WBUR this morning — very cool and easy to get sucked into…

Portraits of Boston

We all know that Cambridge is a hub of innovation, and Kendall Square may well be “the most innovative square mile on the planet,” as its local business association claims, but… Somerville houses some great innovation centers as well, and companies born there are bringing well-deserved attention to Cambrideville’s other half.

This week I had the pleasure of joining the Cambridge & Somerville Chambers of Commerce to tour two great new innovation spaces in Union Square — Artisan’s Asylum and Brooklyn Boulders.

Artisan’s Asylum is 40,000 sf of shared use space for artisans, builders, and all sorts of creative maker-types. The AA offers private work studios, common work and lounge areas, use of amazing equipment ranging from massive drills and welding tools to 3-D printers, and classes for the public. Here are some pix from the tour:

Artisan's Asylum, Somerville

I love the sign on this 3-D printer.

Artisan's Asylum, Somerville

View down one of the aisles.

Artisan's Asylum, Somerville

And scooters to make getting down those long aisles easier!

Brooklyn Boulders is a rock climbing gym with an innovative surprise inside — a satellite office of Kendall’s own Cambridge Innovation Center. As described on its website, BKB is “a new type of curated community space anchored by 38,000 square feet of sophisticated, challenging climbing terrain augmented by art, culture, music and entrepreneurship.” Here are a couple pix from my visit:

Brooklyn Boulders, Somerville

Congessman Mike Capuano speaking to our group. The mezzanine space we’re standing in will soon be home to CIC.

Brooklyn Boulders, Somerville

View from the mezzanine looking down at one of the climbing walls — check out the high-tech pulleys which allow you to climb without a belay-er (is that a word?).

Soon to move in next door to Brooklyn Boulders and Artisan’s Asylum is Greentown Labs — a shared space for clean technology companies. Here’s a look at the plans for the space:

Greentown Labs, Somerville

And I couldn’t end this piece without including a link to the cool piece written in the Globe recognizing that innovation also comes in the form of non-tech startups, featuring Somerville’s own Cuppow!