Want to know how the Green Line Extension will impact Somerville? Here’s the Boston Globe’s take…

And note that I have a couple very nice condos available at 44 Radcliffe Road — right up the street from the future site of the Gilman Square Station! :)

Green Line Extension Map


2012 City News in Review

January 4, 2013

Yes, I know, we’ve all moved on to 2013, but Wicked Local published good summaries of the year’s top news stories for Cambridge & Somerville that I thought were worth sharing. If you don’t regularly follow all the local goings on, here’s your chance to catch up — consider it the “Cliff’s Notes” of 2012 local news and politics.

Coverage of Somerville includes news on development plans for Union and Assembly Squares, as well, of course, as the latest on the Green Line extension project. In the Cambridge wrap up, which naturally includes coverage of the ongoing Kendall & Central development controversy, even I–a person who follows this stuff pretty closely–learned something new: Cambridge apparently has a new electronic-DJ training school. At last we can truly call ourselves an education mecca…